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Colosseum Under the Moon

Admission: Tickets included

Highlights: Colosseum / Underground Dungeons / Arena Floor / Roman Forum


Through Italy With Us, we were able to piggyback on the normal Colosseum tours with added perks. They allow the opportunity of seeing both the underground caverns that housed warriors and caged beasts awaiting battle and access to the uppermost ring of the structure, offering panoramic views of the most historic area of Rome...”

Kelsey Magan, The Church of England Newspaper

About your tour

Our Nighttime Colosseum Tour, "Colosseum Under the Moon" will make your trip to Rome unforgettable. A great opportunity to take in the splendor of Rome in the evening, finishing up with a magical Moonlight Colosseum Guided Tour.

We will take you on a comprehensive walking tour of the principle attractions in the environs of the Ancient Roman Forum and Colosseum. After meeting up for a quick drink to get to know your guide, you will be given a brief intro to the area. Then you will enjoy a relaxed walk along the world-famous Via Fori Imperiali and take peek at Trajan's Market and the Roman Forum. We then enter the Colosseum and we will spend over an hour looking in-depth at one of the most imposing and impressive archaeological sites in the world.


Forum & Colosseum by Night

If you choose our Forum & Colosseum by Night tour, you will start with a visit the Roman Forum without the crowds, noise and heat. Your small group will be transported back in time by one of our expert guides. You will visit some of the most interesting parts of the Roman Forum which will be lit up for this very special evening.


Inside the Colosseum

Inside the Colosseum our experienced and informed guide will run you through the epic building's construction and history, in a manner that is both informative and entertaining. The terrifying and sometimes gruesome past of the world's oldest 'Super Stadium' will be brought vividly back to life as you are gradually taken through the building. From the deepest tunnels used by Gladiators to enter the fighting ring to the depths of the Colosseum, the story will slowly unfold bringing back to life the events from the eyes of both the lowly slave and greatest emperor.

There is never enough time on holiday, make it easier on yourself, taking full advantage of your time by booking a tour with Italy With Us. Enjoy this informative look into one of the key destinations on any itinerary - with one of our engaging tours of the Colosseum dungeons and the ancient city forum - in the cooler evening conditions.

During the tours of the Colosseum dungeons you will gain a terrifying insight into the quarters of which were used to house both slaves and wild beasts, minutes before being unleashed onto each other in a gruesome battle to the death, almost inevitably of the human participant. You will also learn about the complex engineering and mechanics developed to undertake complex and precise tasks, that would have made any spectacle at the Colosseum 2000 years ago, very much the equal of anything reproduced in the modern world.

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The Colosseum underground

exclusively open to Italy With Us...

Top tour highlights

  1. colosseum at night

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    The Colosseum

    The Colosseum is the largest amphitheatre ever built where games took place that involved gladiators fighting wild animals or each other. Construction of this huge, and roughly elliptical structure, began in 72 AD under Emperor Vespasian, and was completed in 80 AD.

  2. colosseum arena floor2

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    Arena Floor

    The Arena Floor was comprised of a wooden floor covered by sand of which little remains today. The floor sat above the hypogeum where the beasts were kept, and gladiators held to wait for the contests to begin.

  3. colosseum underground2

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    Dungeons / Underground chambers / Hypogeum

    The Colosseum Dungeons are where animals were kept and gladiators readied themselves for the fights. Originally excavated in the 19th century, they were situated directly below the Arena Floor.

  4. forum of augustus

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    Panoramic view of Forum of Augustus & Caesar

    The Roman Forum is not the Eternal City’s only civic, commercial and religious centre, simply the first. Admire the nearby Forum of Caesar, planned by the dictator as early as 54 BC to flaunt his power and wealth. The forum was dominated by a temple built to honour Venus Genetrix whom Caesar claimed was a distant ancestor. His adopted son, Augustus, later followed suit. Check out what remains of his own forum that featured a temple honouring Mars – and himself. The temple’s sculptures visually linked the emperor to the divinities and his late father.

  5. roman forum at night2

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    Walk in the Suburra and Imperial Forum Road

    The Imperial Forum Road crosses the Fora, a series of monumental squares constructed in Rome between 46 BC and 113 AD. The Suburra District lies between the southern end of the Viminal and the western end of the Esquiline Hills, and was where Julius Caesar grew up in a family home.

  6. roman forum at night

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    The Roman Forum*

    The Roman Forum contains the ruins of ancient government buildings. The forum was developed from the 7th century BC and became a political, commercial and social hub of the Roman Empire.

    *Only included with Forum & Colosseum by Night tour

  7. santa maria antiqua church

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    Santa Maria Antiqua Church*

    The Roman Forum’s oldest Christian monument has walls that talk and what a story they tell. Originally part of a first-century AD imperial palace, the space was transformed into a church in the sixth century. Over 300 years, the walls were decorated in vibrant Byzantine frescoes, a rare example of an art largely destroyed by the iconoclasts. A ninth-century earthquake buried the church in rubble, protecting its artistic patrimony until its 20th century rediscovery.

    *Only included with Forum & Colosseum by Night tour

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