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Our Offices

Another detail which sets us apart from our competitors is the fact that we have offices in the cities where we operate. Although this may appear normal, Italy is rife with unofficial tours. We are a fully-licensed tour operator.


Rome - Vatican Office

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Our Vatican office looks right onto the queues outside which allows to plan our tours accordingly to avoid the crowds.

Via Vespasiano, 16-18, 00192 Roma

Tel: (+39) 06 3972 5115


Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday 7.30am - 4pm

Sunday Closed

Rome - Colosseum Office

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Our Colosseum office is within minutes off the Colosseum and ancient Roman Forum situated at the heart of ancient Rome.

Via del Colosseo, 2

00184 Roma

Tel: (+39) 06 699 42283


Opening hours:

9.00am - 4pm Daily

No queues!

The most important detail of having our own offices is that there are no queues! If, like the majority of tourists, you are come to Italy for a short time period, you don't want to spend hours in a queue, especially when there is no guarantee of gaining admission after.

For example, it is not uncommon for tourists to stand in a queue for the Vatican museum for over three hours! Can you imagine that at the height of the Italian Summer???


Convienient for our clients

Having an office also means that you can come down to our air-conditioned offices, chat with our friendly staff and discuss which tour works best for you, rather than having to deal with pushy sales pitches from unofficial tour companies. Other tour companies tend to organise ad-hoc meetings at such as locations on busy streets, which means that you are standing around for long periods or in the blazing heat. We make it convenient for you.