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Vatican Off-Limits tour


You inch about blindly, looking for foot-space as you try and manouvre yourself under one fresco and then on to another. And 2,000 other visitors are trying to do the same. I count as one of my blessings, to not have experienced the Sistine Chapel as I have described above, but instead, to have entered the chapel with only eight others, just as all other tourists were being ushered out."

This tour is extremely limited and not on general sale. Please email us at for available dates in 2021.

We can offer you an amazing VIP afternoon Tour of the Vatican which comes a very close to our After Hours experience, with private access to the Sistine Chapel.

The main highlight of the tour you will have 30 minutes inside the Sistine Chapel just for our group (max 15 people), where our guide will explain in detail this cavernous and vividly coloured painted chapel which to this day is considered one of man's greatest artistic achievements.

This tour is extremely limited. Please call or email us for availability.

Top tour highlights

Top tour highlights

  1. pinecone courtyard2

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    Pine Cone Courtyard

    The Pinecone Courtyard was originally part of the Cortile del Belvedere and designed by Donato Bramante. The famous Pigna (pine cone) once stood close to the Pantheon next to the Temple of Isis, and during the Middle Ages, it was moved to the Old St. Peter's Basilica before being moved again in 1608 to its current location.

  2. bramantes staircase

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    Scala del Bramante

    Scala del Bramante / the Bramante Staircase, was once an entrance to the Papal apartments, and was built large enough to accommodate large animals as mules to transport items and goods through the palace. The staircase is shaped like a curved double-helix carved from stone, designed by Donato Bramante.

  3. hall of muses6

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    Round Room and the Hall of the Muses

    The Round Room takes its shape from the Pantheon, and has colossal statues on display around a 13 meter red porphyry basin, and also includes ancient mosaics on the floor. The Hall of the Muses shows ancient sculptures of Appolo and the Nine Muses dating back to the times of Hadrian, and originally discovered in the Villa of Cassius near Tivoli.

  4. gallery of candelabra2

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    Gallery of the Candelabra and Chariot Room

    The Gallery of Candelabra contains huge marble candelabra, consisting of an exhibition divided into six, and arranged under Pope Pius VI Braschi from 1785 to 1788. The Chariot Room contains a large marble Roman chariot with two horses, restored in 1788.

  5. highlights gallery maps2

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    Gallery of Tapestries

    The Gallery of the Tapestries includes Flemish tapestries by Pieter van Aelst's School in Brussels, originally displayed in the Sistine Chapel in 1531, and then arranged for the Vatican Museum gallery in 1838. The gallery also includes Roman works originally woven for Pope Urban VIII (Barberini).

  6. hall of maps5

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    Gallery of Maps

    Based on drawings by Danti and commissioned by Pope Gregory XIII, the Gallery of the Maps displays 40 maps frescoed on the walls and was painted between 1580 and 1585.

  7. off limits vatican3

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    Nicholas V Chapel

    The Nicholas V Chapel, known as the Niccoline Chapel is situated at the heart of theApostolic Palace and is renowned for its frescoes by Fra Angelico (1447–1451).

  8. off limits vatican2

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    The Sistine Chapel

    The Sistine Chapel is part of the Apostolic Palace (the Pope's official residence), and its famous ceiling was painted by Michelangelo between 1508 and 1512, which depicts scenes from the Book of Genesis. This spectacular chapel also includes artworks by leading painters such as Sandro Botticelli, Domenico Ghirlandaio and Pietro Perugino, as well as large tapestries by Raphael.