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About Italy With Us

Secret of our success

IWU have offered private and group tours of Rome, Venice and Florence since 1998. Our Tours of the Vatican, Tours of the Colosseum, Tours of the Uffizi and Tours in Venice have received praise in the international press that reflects the effort and knowledge we apply everyday.

The secret of our success is simple: we love Italy. Our tours are so popular because they manage to share our appreciation for Italy and all things Italian: its staggering history, its people and its culture, not to mention the glorious food and weather. We offer many different tours to suit all palates, whether you prefer to explore the ruins and civilization on a tour of Ancient Rome, soak up the flavour of the Renaissance-era in our guided tour of Florence or the mysterious, labyrinthine beauty of a guided tour of Venice.



What sets IWU apart from other tour companies in Italy is our attention to detail and commitment to making your tour one you will not forget.

This can be seen in our range of tours available:

  • Group Tours
  • Private Tours
  • Semi-Private Tours

...and even exclusive after-hours tours of some of the world's most exclusive tourist attractions. No queues! With Italy with us, you will not have to wait in a line before starting your tour. At IWU we have offices located close to each site, so we can monitor crowd levels and plan our tours accordingly.

Fully-Licensed Guides


Italy with us only employs fully-licensed tour guides, who are hand picked by the company.

IWU also employs mother-tongue English-speaking tour guides, or at the very least fluent English speakers. The tour guides are good fun, sociable and informative about the cities they live in, equally able to give a good recommendations for restaurants and bars as well as being able to give more specific information, such as public transport.

Tours of the Vatican

about us vatican tours

Italy With Us offer fantastic Tours of The Vatican, Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Cathedral that can cater to any budget.

From our after hours exclusive tour of the Museums when closed to the public, to our 8 am beat the queues exclusive entry group tours. Whether it's Private, Semi-Private or Group Tours you are interested in, we have an options to satisfy any necessity.

Colosseum Tours

about us colosseum

As with the Vatican Tours, our Tours of the Colosseum (or Colisseum) offer both the normal day tours and the exclusive third ring and dungeons tours for those wanting a more exclusive peek at the parts the public can't normally access.

Ancient Rome and the Colosseum tours offer an insight into a city and period in history that was unrivalled in pure scale until many centuries later.

Tours of Florence

about us florence

We offer extensive tours of Florence and can meet all requirements, but without doubt the highlight of your visit to this Renaissance world capital, will be our Tours of the Uffizi Gallery.

Available in Private, Semi-private and Group versions, these tours can be combined with others, like the Accademia, or the Introduction to Florence Tour, to give a more rounded impression of this unique destination.