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Tours in other Languages

IWU only employ experienced mother-tongue guides or fluent tour guides. So if you need tours in Russian, tours in Spanish, tours in French, tours in Portuguese we can help you out.

Customer Orientated

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Most importantly of all, Italy with us guarantees that there are no queues, so there is no need to stand idly around waiting for the tours to commence. We have offices in each of cities where we operate - Rome, Vatican City, Florence and Venice - so you can come down to our air-conditioned offices and have a chat with us about which tour best suits your requirements.


Tours in French

Italy With Us offer fluent guides in almost every language you could need. Our tours in French are undertaken by mother tongue and fluent French speaking guides, which will make the experience more enjoyable by far. We have had tours with French Canadian tourists before and even managed to supply our Québécois speaking guide!

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Tours in Spanish

We are able to offer Guided Tours in Spanish, one of the world's most widely spoken languages. As well as Spain there is also the majority of south and central America, and also the ever growing Hispanic American population whose first language is Spanish. The newly elected pontiff being of Argentinean origin is thought by many to herald an increase in South American tourism to Rome and the Vatican in particular.

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Tours in Russian

Our Russian Speaking Tour Guides cater for the ever-increasing Russian speaking tourist sector of Rome. We offer all our kinds of VIP tours in Russian and are willing to organise shopping tours in Russian of all the most exclusive shops in Rome's most fashionable areas.

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Tours in Portuguese

The recent period of Economic growth in Brazil has lead to a massive increase in the number of tourists looking for Portuguese speaking tour guides. With the growth of budget airline links to Portugal, this has also increased demand for Portuguese language tours and tour guides. We are happy to offer tours in any language required.

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Shore trips to Rome from Civitavecchia

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Italy With Us also provides a pick-up service for tourists coming in to Rome from the port of Civitavecchia.

We can also provide useful information to tourists on issues public transport, suggestions on where to eat or go out and advice on how to avoid the common tourist traps and pitfalls.