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Vatican at Sunrise with Key-master

This is not only a tour, but a once in a lifetime experience… The suspenseful opening of the Sistine Chapel!

11th July 2022 - now open!

Book with a small group and experience the opening of the Sistine Chapel

This breath-taking experience starts early in the morning, when the doors to the Vatican Museums are opened, only for you and your group!

You will firstly access the Vatican Museums hall, and be accompanied by one of the most important figures of the Vatican Museums, the Clavigero (key-master)! We will then proceed to collect the keys to all of the sections of the Vatican Museums, of which you will have the unique experience of opening each section of the museums. Before proceeding through the museums, take your time at the Atrium of Corazze where you can catch the spectacular sight of dawn over St. Peter’s Basilica.

Our Clavigero will then bring you from one section of the museums to the next, while you will be holding the many keys to the many doors, of which open to thousands of years of history! Once through these doors, you and your group will experience all of the hidden treasures just for yourselves!

Your experience will include a visit to the Pio Clementino Museum and Octagonal Courtyard with their many statues standing steady in the darkness. The evocative atmosphere will give you the impression that they have just came back from their night-time walk.

Together with the Clavigero, you will open doors, windows and turn on the lights in the Gallery of Maps, the Gallery of Tapestries and the Gallery of Candelabra. When opening the windows, you will have a breath-taking view over the Vatican Gardens on one side, and you will be able to see over the Vatican City and the city of Rome on the other.

After exploring the various sections of the Vatican Museums, you will finally reach a small brown wooden door, and one of you, the luckiest one, will be offered a key. This is the most exciting moment of the tour, when you will open the doors of the Sistine Chapel.

If you can contain the excitement, once inside you will be able to admire Michelangelo’s masterpieces: The Last Judgment and the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel! Nobody else will be allowed inside except for your group. Afterwards, in order to settle the emotions, you will be offered breakfast in the Pinecone Courtyard, one of the most beautiful courtyards of the Vatican Museums.


The Opening of the Sistine Chapel

Imagine experiencing the feeling of holding the keys to one of the most visited places on Earth! Now you don’t have to dream it, you can do it. You can be the one who will open the Sistine Chapel doors, and be the first person to set foot inside for the day!

Top tour highlights

  1. good morning vatican/pio clementino


    Pio Clementino Museum

    This is where it all started. Pio Clementino is chronologically the first section of the Vatican Museums, created in the 18th century, with original 16th century art collections of the pope Julius II.

  2. gallery of candelabra3


    Gallery of Candelabra

    The first of the Galleries on your path will amaze you with its statues, marble floors and the atmosphere of ancient times.

  3. gallery of tapestries5


    Gallery of Tapestries

    To experience the Gallery of the Tapestries in the silence of dawn is a unique experience, while the rest of the world is sleeping. In this suggestive place you can picture yourself in the times of the artist who create them, Raphael, and you could almost hear his footsteps if you listen hard enough!

  4. highlights gallery maps5


    Gallery of Maps

    The Maps were created in the 16th century and depict Italy in almost every tiny detail, of which will astonish you as to how precise a human mind (and hand) could have achieved this perfection.

  5. sistine chapel3


    Sistine Chapel

    Only this Good Morning Vatican tour will allow you to have the Sistine Chapel not only for yourselves, but also to admire it illuminated with special lights. After you leave the Sistine Chapel, this special illumination (used only during the Pope’s presence) will be turned off.

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