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secret vatican/raphael rooms

Secret Vatican with Bramante Staircase & Nicholas V Chapel

Be one of the few to visit the sections of the Vatican which are closed to the public!

Visit the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel and experience the secrets of two areas of the Vatican which are closed to the general public. In your small group of a maximum of 10 participants, you will visit the Bramante Staircase and Nicholas V chapel. Your itinerary will also include the Pio Clementino Museums, Gallery of Candelbra, Gallery of Maps, Gallery of Tapestries, Raphael Rooms and last but certainly not least, the Sistine Chapel.

The Bramante Staircase, which is closed to the public, is the first architectonic example of the spiral staircase. This spectacular piece of work was built by Bramante for Julius II and was used as a secret passage for the Pope who access to the Apostolic Palace with his carriage undisturbed. No one had ever seen such a staircase until this moment.

Also closed to the public, the Nicolas V Chapel was commissioned for none other than Nicolas V, for his own private use. You will discover the frescoes made by one of the leading artists of the Early Renaissance; Fra Angelico and his students. Fra Angelico, Michelangelo’s and Raphael’s predecessors, has been defined as “a rare and perfect talent”. His masterpiece, from the year 1400, is considered to be one of the most important pieces of Italian art.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience these two unique masterpieces as these sections of the Vatican museums were always meant to be secret, since their creation.


The Exclusive Opening of Bramante Staircase & Nicholas v Chapel

Very few people are allowed to access the Bramante staircase and the Nicholas V chapel, so why not be part of the fortunate few, and treat yourself to a uniquely complex experience inside the Vatican Museums.

  1. secret vatican/Pio Clementino

    Pio Clementino Museum

    Established by Pope Julius II, the Pio Clementino Museum is the first Vatican Museums collections and contains collected works from the XVI century.

  2. secret vatican/Bramante staircase

    Bramante Staircase

    This is a unique example of the complexities of Bramante’s talent. The Bramante Staircase is closed to the general public!

  3. secret vatican/NIccolini Chapel

    Nicholas V Chapel

    The private Nicholas V Chapel gives testimony to the arts and talents of the era. This area is closed to the general public!

  4. secret vatican/Candelabra

    Gallery of Candelabra

    Being the first of the three Vatican Galleries, the Gallery of Candelbra will leave you breathless with its statues, marble floors, and the atmosphere of ancient times!

  5. secret vatican/Tapestries

    Gallery of the Tapestries

    Originally designed for the Sistine Chapel by Raphael, these tapestries displayed in the silence of the Vatican museums, will bring you back in time!

  6. secret vatican/Maps

    Gallery of the Maps

    This huge collection of maps was created in the 16th Century, and they depict Italy in almost every tiny detail. The precision of the human mind, combined with artistic talent, will blow you away!

  7. secret vatican/Sistine Chapel

    The Sistine Chapel

    This tremendous experience will be like the icing on the cake, finishing inside the Sistine Chapel, where you will complete your exploration of the leading figures of the Renaissance period, leaving you with a magnificent and artistic architectural legacy!

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