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Italy with us. Your expert guide to Italy.Italy with us. Your expert guide to Italy.

VIP Colosseum Tour

  • VIP Tour

    Min 2 people

    €55 each additional person

    Price includes admission tickets

  • Exclusive Group Tour

    Max 25 people

    Price includes admission tickets


Vatican & Colosseum VIP

Vatican 8am & Colosseum Dungeons exclusive


Colosseum, Dungeons & Upper Ring plus Ancient Rome

Come with us on a guided VIP tour of the Colosseum, with access to areas previously inaccessible to the public, taking you into the very heart of this most recognisable of stadia. Italy With Us offer you the opportunity to see the Colosseum from top to bottom, literally, from the Dungeons to the Upper levels and famous arena. Your tour guide will bring this immense arena to back life with outrageous tales that will shock and amaze. You will also visit the Palatine Hill and Forum. 


If you choose our VIP Tour, enjoy a private tour of the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum with one of our friendly mother tongue guides. You will then join the rest of the party for the Dungeons, Arena and Upper Ring in a group with 24 people maximum. Enjoy Exclusive Access, as our group will be the only people allowed into the lower and upper levels of the Colosseum!


Due to new security procedures, when entering the Colosseum you may experience unexpected queues and baggage inspections.


There is no wheelchair access on this tour due to ancient areas with limited accessibility.

COLOSSEUM TOURS ACCESS ALL AREAS - View from the Colosseum Upper Ring
COLOSSEUM TOURS ACCESS ALL AREAS - View from the Colosseum Upper Ring

VIP Tours are extremely limited so if you cannot find the date you require please send us a message with your dates and number of people by CLICKING HERE


Italy With Us gives you the opportunity to take one of the most exciting and fascinating tours of ancient Rome available. We offer you the experience of seeing the Colosseum from a unique perspective. Not only will you get a tour of the main arena, you will also be allowed to scour the depths of the Dungeons and lower levels as well gaining an unrivaled view of the arena and its surroundings from the restricted upper levels of the Colosseum. Also included are tours of other key archaeological sites such as the Roman forum and Palatine hill.

This all-inclusive tour is subject to limited availability, with only very few reservations permitted on a weekly basis. The Dungeons and Upper levels are restricted areas where ordinary Colosseum tours are not allowed access. Down in the Dungeons and lower-levels of the Colosseum you will gain a terrifying insight into the quarters which were use to house slaves and wild beasts before they were brought to the arena, and almost certain death...You will come to understand the complex network of pulleys, levers and platforms which were used to raise man and beast alike to the arena above.

From there, the tour moves on towards the Upper levels of the Colosseum. These upper levels, like the dungeons were previously off-limits, but are now open subject to special reservation. Our expert tour-guides will show you the steep seating where the lower members of society (women, slaves etc) were forced to sit. Fortunately now, these levels offer the best view in the house, both of the arena itself and surrounding sites.


* Times and dates subject to change. In the event of this occurrence, we will allocate the closest available timeslot to your original booking and confirm with you by email. A full refund will be offered if it is not possible for you to attend the new timeslot.


In the event of your tour being cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, you will be invited to attend the next available timeslot or offered a partial refund.

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Tour highlights:
Colosseum, Dungeons, Upper levels
3 hours
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Meeting point:
IWU Colosseum Office
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