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Italy with us. Your expert guide to Italy.Italy with us. Your expert guide to Italy.

Evening Walk

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Evening Walk

Italy With Us is proud to offer you the opportunity to take a very pleasant guided tour of Baroque Rome, an enchanting and romantic period in the Eternal City's turbulent history. The tour is an evening walking tour of Rome - which can be a welcome relief from trudging around in the stifling heat (particularly in summer). Whatever the time of year, compared to the chaos of daytime Rome, the characteristic street-lighting and welcome breeze of the Roman evening lends the perfect atmosphere of refinement and serenity to accompany you on this guided tour of Baroque Rome with its many spectacular examples of Baroque art and architecture.

St. Peter's Basilica at night

Private Rome City Tours are extremely limited so if you cannot find the date you require please click here and let us know when is suitable for you and we'll do our very best to accommodate.

The tour has a 2+ hour itinerary that explores the art and architecture of Baroque Rome. The period entered its most highly charged expression in the masterpieces of Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Francesco Borromini - the Roman Baroque inspired the designs of buildings and spaces in Europe for over a century! Consequently, special emphasis is given to the works of Bernini and Borromini as well as their relationship with their extravagant patrons - the popes. This tour celebrates the Baroque period - the blossoming of Rome’s last great urban identity, and as such the itinerary has been planned to showcase the best examples of this era.


The evening walking tour of Rome begins at Piazza Navona at Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers, where the key component of the Baroque period - the fluid integration of architecture with its surroundings - is marvelously demonstrated. It is here, in Piazza Navona, that we learn of how Bernini’s baroque figures assume new importance as movement and energy come together in dynamic forms reaching outwards into the surrounding space.


The next stop is the Church of Santa Maria della Pace where a classic example of high baroque architecture in the work of Pietro da Cortona is seen. Continuing on we shall pass by baroque monuments, ornamental fountains and Church façades with spiraled lanterns around empty vortexes, the bold massing of the baroque style coming together at magical spaces such as Piazza Rotanda, Piazza Montecitoria and Filippo Raguzinni’s Piazza di Sant’Ignazio. Raguzinni’s light-and-shade with “painterly” colors reflect the bold play of volume and void in Algardi’s monumental façade, creating one of Rome’s most characteristic baroque squares.


The next stop is undoubtedly Rome’s, perhaps the world’s, most distinguished fountain - the Trevi. Here we shall learn about one of the last and most famous monuments of the baroque era in Rome. We end our walk at the impressive, romantic exterior staircase that had no parallel in previous architecture - the Spanish Steps.

On this itinerary, as we discover the artists, their artworks and patrons along the way, the principles of architecture, urban planning, and art discussed, will enable us to view the whole city with new eyes and have an appreciation for how the Baroque has made an everlasting impact on the world’s artistic expression. The comprehensive itinerary coupled with the spectacular backdrop of Rome in the fading daylight guarantees that this is the most enjoyable evening tour Rome has to offer.


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Piazza Navona, Santa Maria della Pace, Trevi Fountain
2.5 hours
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IWU Colosseum Office
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