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palazzo ducale

After Hours Palazzo Ducale - Uniquely Private Tour

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A very special, private night for a leisurely stroll through the multi-faceted architectural and artistic jewel that is the pride of Venice.

As both the home of the elected Doge and the seat of government for the Republic, the Doge's Palace was the powerhouse of the Venetian empire and remains the showcase of Venice's wealth and culture.

This is a unique opportunity to soak up the atmosphere of the Serenissima in the way the Doge, privileged Venetian patricians and visiting Heads of State would have enjoyed it - calm and relaxed, in your own time, untroubled by jostling and distracting crowds.

From the splendour of the Doge's private apartments and the magnificent official reception rooms to the awe-inspiring chambers of government such as the Senate and the Great Council chambers - featuring works by such masters as Tintoretto, Veronese, Titian, and Sansovino - you will cross the fabled Bridge of Sighs and see - from the inside - the last glimpse of the city afforded those unfortunate enough to get caught breaking the Republic's laws before being left to rot in her chilling stone prisons. Yours will be a return journey and, after seeing where the famous Golden Book listing all the noble families was stored, we'll re-emerge on the loggia and make our way back to the glorious open courtyard to savour one last glimpse of Sansovino's magnificent “Giant's Staircase”. After our Guided Tours of Venice you will leave with memories to last a lifetime - Italy With Us English Speaking Guides Venice.

Italy with Us offer Private Tour Guides in Venice of the highest standard to make your tour a truly unforgettable experience.  All of the VIP after hours Private tours of the Doge's Palace will give you and insight into the environment where Venice's most powerful leaders used to live and work.  Why not also take a Guided tour of San Marco Venice or a Morning Walking Tour Venice while you are in the neighbourhood?

Our Venice tour guides are both professional and knowledgeable we hope you enjoy what Venice has to offer as at Italy With Us we only use fluent English Speaking Guides!


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