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Italy with us. Your expert guide to Italy.Italy with us. Your expert guide to Italy.

School Groups


At a glance

Italy is an ideal location for school groups. Rome is one of the best remaining examples of classical civilization, Florence was the leading city during the Italian Renaissance and finally Venice, surely one of the most unique cities in the world. In each of these cities, we offer tours suited to larger and smaller academic groups.
Davis High School (Davis, California) Madrigal singers in The Sistine Chapel

Larger Groups

Group Tours are particularly suited to larger secondary school groups, and are available in Rome, Florence, Venice and the Vatican. For students currently studying History, Art, Art-history or Classics, Italy With Us provides many exciting and interesting tours. Another feature which makes the Group Tour ideal for these larger groups is our guarantee that there are no queues! When travelling with large groups of children/young adults, the last thing that supervisors want for those in their care is to have to stand around for hours at a time.

Smaller Groups

For smaller, more advanced academic tours like small University classes or study groups, the semi-private tour is a better option as it is more in-depth and more interactive due to the smaller tour size. In this way guides can interact more with their customer and give them a truly memorable experience. Let us know your group size and requirements and we would be happy to contact you with a quote.

School Groups Vatican

The Vatican's long history is one of not only religious significance, but of huge political importance as for a long period of time it was the spiritual leader for most of continental Europe in periods where the continent was perhaps at the height of it's power, at least within it geographical reach. Empire was rapidly expanding through trade at first, and then military conquest, and the wealth of the world was returning to mercantile Europe. The Vatican and its history is invaluable.

School Groups Rome

Rome is a city, with few global rivals in terms of historical importance. An ideal destination for School Groups wishing to visit one of the true foundations of European civilization. At its height Classical Rome was said to hold and sustain a population of 1 million people, a feat that was not matched in pure numbers until many centuries later, with the arrival of modern Paris and London. School groups visiting Rome will no doubt witness a city whose history has and will inspire generations, both past and future.

School Groups Venice

Venice was a city state whose medieval and renaissance political and military importance, as well as wealth, had it's origins directly in its naval strength. It was a city established as depopulated Roman groups escaped to the lagoons and marshland while fleeing from barbarian hordes running rampage after the fall of Rome. At its height it was one of the most celebrated and beautiful destinations in Europe with its rich heritage formed from its unique mix of Italian and oriental architecture and art, invigorated by its extensive trade routes in the eastern Mediterranean.

School Groups Florence

Florence as we all know is the heartland of medieval and Renaissance art. The rich tradition of patronage of this city's elite lead to it becoming a conglomeration of some of the greatest artist of the Renaissance period, and that patronage and artistic wealth is at its most clear in their wonderful Uffizi Gallery and at the Accademia. Its mercantile wealth and appreciation of the arts in all forms has lead to this wonderfully manageable city to act as inspiration to artist and art lovers for many centuries.


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