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Tour of the Uffizi

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Botticelli's 'Venus'

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About your tour

La Galleria degli Uffizi is on the list of the world’s top 10 museums and art galleries - hence the long line of people at the entrance waiting to get in. Our Guided Tours of the Uffizi Gallery offer a unique insight into this wonderful world. A name synonymous with renaissance art, in a city which to all intents and purposes is the home of renaissance art - a collection that humbles countless galleries worldwide, the Uffizi is truly unique.

The time spent waiting in line here is more than the wait to enter the Vatican museums but, with our tour, you have priority entrance! An art historian will take you on a historic journey through the exquisite artwork on display from one room to another.

The Uffizi gallery, named after its initial intended use as the magistrate's offices, is one of the oldest museums or galleries in the world. It has been open to visitors upon request since the 16th century and fully opened its doors to the public in 1765. Its growth was a result of the increasingly expansive collection of the Medici family who commissioned, patronized and collected art and antiquities and needed somewhere to put them on show. Its architectural beauty on its own is reason enough to visit it, let alone the countless works stored in its lengthy corridors.

Uffizi Gallery Tours are the best way to get a full understanding of the masterpieces on display in a city whose name is synonymous with artistic excellence. You can get Uffizi Gallery Tickets directly at our office in Florence city centre.

Top tour highlights

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    Giotto & 13th century Hall

    The Giotto Hall displays the most ancient paintings in the Uffizi Gallery and is dedicated to Tuscan painters from the 13th and 14th centuries. The majority of the works show the influence of Byzantine art.

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    International Gothic Hall

    The International Gothic Hall includes late 14th to early 15th century artworks by various painters whose style is defined as International or Flamboyant Gothic.

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    Filippo Lippi Hall

    The Filippo Lippi Hall includes late 15th century artworks such as the Child and two Angels by by Filippo Lippi, Adoration of the Magi by Filippino Lippi (son of Filippo Lippi), and the Portrait of the Duke and Duchess of Urbino by Piero della Francesca.

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    Botticelli Hall

    Being one of the most attractive rooms of the Uffizi Gallery, the Botticelli Hall is a large room showing off some of the greatest works of Sandro Botticelli including The Birth of Venus and The Primavera.

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    Michelangelo Hall

    The Michelangelo Hall displays the Statue Arianna Addormentata (Sleeping Ariadne), as well as Tondo Doni, the only painting on panel by Michelangelo. Other artworks include Madonna and Child with Saints by Franciabigio, The Vision of St Bernard by Frà Bartolomeo and Noli me tangere by Andrea del Sarto amongst others.

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    Leonardo da Vinci Hall

    The Leonardo da Vinci Hall is famous for its young Leonardo da Vinci paintings, including The Baptism of Christ, the Annunciation and the Adoration of the Magi. Other artworks by Perugino, Luca Signorelli, Piero di Cosimo and Lorenzo di Credi are also on display in this room.

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    Caravaggio Hall

    This hall is dedicated to Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, of whome many historians consider to be the founder of modern art. Works displayed include 3 masterpieces; Shield with the Head of Medusa, Sacrifice of Isaac, and Bacchus.

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